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You might be surprised at how much more people can accomplish when they’re given the right tools
Give your hybrid workforce the power to connect, collaborate and work productively from anywhere. Our dedicated Account Managers can help you choose the most effective mobile, tablet and laptop devices for your business as it changes shape. Choose the flexible network – with shorter contract lengths, data-sharing, rollover tariffs and uncomplicated device management, all tailored to you.
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Greater flexibility options tailored to your needs

Range of contract lengths

Connectivity solutions giving you the flexibility your business needs right now, including flexible contract lengths

Device range

From sim only devices, mobiles, tablets and laptops, our full range of devices gives you all the choice you need

Flexible tariffs

Every business has its peaks and troughs, so we let you flex your data allowance up… and down as you need1

Data Rollover

No business can afford to waste data it doesn’t use, so now we automatically roll over your unused data to the next month2

Flexible add-on business apps

We offer you apps that help you stay productive wherever you need to work

Dedicated UK account management

Our Account Managers give you the advice and support you need, so you can work more effectively

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Infographic: The big hybrid working discovery

Now that your business has become more flexible, it’s time to gain the maximum benefit from your hybrid workforce. Did you know, 48% of people think they would be more productive if they could choose how they work? This infographic shares four tips to help productivity thrive and keep your people happy, wherever they want to work.

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eGuide: How to keep employee productivity high post-lockdown

From Office Cravers to Mixers and Home Dwellers, our research shows seven new groups emerging among your people. How can you get the most from all of them? As an O2 customer, you’re in the perfect position to let your people work their way and boost productivity with our flexible solutions. Find out what to do now in our guide.

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Pro tips for changing times
Insights from our media partner, IT Pro on overcoming today’s business challenges
Get the right tools for everyone
Whether they’re working in the office, at home or onsite, find out how to equip your teams with the right devices, apps and mobile connectivity in this article.
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Office-style collaboration, anywhere
Team building shouldn’t just be limited to the office, this article shows you how to bring your remote workers together and boost their productivity.
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What makes a hybrid workplace?
Take a closer look at the devices, apps and culture needed for long-term hybrid working in this whitepaper.
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Let’s talk flexibility
We discuss how flexibility, agility and digital thinking are helping businesses adapt to new challenges, from devices to cloud and security.
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The benefits of remote working
What started as a necessity could now be the key to your business stability. This article shows you how remote working can help you save costs, boost productivity and nurture talent.
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Flexibility made simple
Dav Sandher, O2's Head of SMB Product and Propositions explains how our customers have introduced new technology into their business with ease and how others are using flexible working to take their business forward.
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Cyber security in the new normal
As remote working has multiplied across the UK, so have security threats. Find out how to spot the risks and plan your defence in our Protecting your dispersed workforce whitepaper.
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Here to help your business
Use these resources to find flexible ways forward for your business
Four ways your business can flex

Four ways your business can flex

Four scenarios your business is facing right now, and four ways you can flex to meet the challenge. Find out how to create firm plans for an adaptable future in this guide.

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Making hybrid work for you

Making hybrid work for you

This blog shares five valuable extracts for increasing your business flexibility and productivity from our Flexible future of work research paper. Read our top tips for a successful hybrid workplace.

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Inspiration from O<sub>2</sub> customers

Inspiration from O2 customers

Our Staying connected eBook shares eight customer stories of resilience and flexibility in the face of uncertainty from our dedicated Account Managers. Get inspiration to help you overcome common challenges in today’s workplace.

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Three strategies for driving business growth eGuide

Three strategies for driving business growth eGuide

Find out how to put a strong foundation in place, and get ready to thrive whatever happens next, with our eGuide. Explore Three strategies for driving business growth in uncertain times now.

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Going hybrid: next steps for success

Going hybrid: next steps for success

How to turn the quick-fixes of lockdown into long-term solutions, and which new tech developments could make hybrid work easier. Discover this and more in our blog.

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Top lockdown lessons for hybrid work

Top lockdown lessons for hybrid work

What boosts productivity by 40%, and whose working hours have changed how? See the lockdown discoveries which could help make the hybrid workplace a success.

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1 For new or upgrading customers only. For Small Biz tariffs, tariff can be changed to a non-promotional tariff of the same type that has either a lower, higher or the same amount of data as tariff selected at commencement. For Business, Small Biz SIMO, Business SIMO, Small Biz Data Only, Business Data Only, Business Data SIMO and MBB SIM Only tariffs, tariff can be changed to a non-promotional tariff of the same type with either the same or a higher amount of data as tariff selected at commencement. A change in tariff can be made 30 days from the date of connection or upgrade, each billing month. Subject to availability, status, credit check and general terms for business customers apply. Terms apply, see
2 For new or upgrading customers only. Available on selected tariffs of 6GB of data or above, excluding 2GB triple data, 3GB double data and unlimited data tariffs. Up to 100% of unused data from standard monthly data allowance can be rolled over into the following month. Eligible data rolls over for one month only. Any data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Any unused data will not rollover if you decide to change to an alternative tariff. Subject to availability, status, credit check and general terms for business customers apply. Terms apply, see