Hello St Helens!

At O2, we want to help communities across the UK to embrace digital. Whether it’s improving connectivity, sharing skills or helping young people kickstart their career we want to share technology’s potential. We also want to demonstrate how powerful digital can be in improving the way we work, play, and live our lives.

Are you a local resident?

Digital Communities is here to help the St Helens community take advantage of everything technology has to offer. Whether you’re interested in a career in digital or just want to learn more about how technology can make your life easier, we’re on hand to support you.

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Are you a local business?

We’re offering Digital Healthchecks to businesses to help them understand how technology can improve the way they work, sell and engage with customers. What’s more, our O2 Gurus are on hand to answer any tech queries.

Together with St Helens Council, the British Chamber of Commerce, and the support of St Helens’ people and businesses, we hope to inspire communities everywhere to harness the power of digital. By arming St Helens with the latest technology (everything from free wifi hotspots and superfast 4G, to the latest smartphones, tablets and other devices) we’re showcasing how technology can transform a community, enrich lives and boost businesses.

We’re laying the foundations for a more digital Britain, and it’s all starting in St Helens.

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To make this a reality, we’re digitally transforming the town of St Helens. Starting on 8th October, Digital Communities is a 3-month project covering a range of digital activities – everything from Digital Makeovers and Healthchecks for businesses, to tech workshops and skills sessions for local residents.
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Are you a local commuter?

We want to support businesses in embracing technology and flexible working, so we’re creating a Digital Hub in St Helens town centre as part of the Digital Communities project. This custom-designed space will offer free Wifi and work-out desks for local business commuters to use most Mondays and Fridays instead of travelling into work. This is a unique opportunity to try first-hand how remote working may  benefit  – all completely free of charge.

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Join our St Helens research community

As an exclusive member of this online research community, you get the chance for your voice to be heard - giving you the ability to help shape the future of St Helens. You will be invited to take part of a range of research and give us your feedback. Membership is free, with the chance to win a monthly £100 Amazon voucher when you take part in our regular online activities. 

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