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O2 Digital Advisors love a challenge

Big or small. Local or worldwide. Whatever your business needs, we’ll jump right on it.

We’ll get to know how you work. Talk through your needs. And we’ll put our expertise into practice. We’re here to break down barriers. We’re dedicated to doing more for you to help your business get ahead. And we don’t just want you to take gentle steps, we want you to fly there.

Whatever your challenge, we’re waiting to accept it.

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I’m Glenn, a Digital Advisor, and solving my clients' challenges is my thing. Not so long ago, online British clothing company, Boden, came to me with a big business challenge. My work ethos is always doing more for you, so I didn’t want to just rise to the challenge, I wanted to grab the opportunity to make their tech really work for them.

As a Digital Advisor, I always get to know my clients’ businesses, inside and out. I’m in constant contact with Boden, to keep myself up to date with new challenges they might face.

If they want to work more efficiently? No problem. Want me to find solutions that can help their business grow? They’ve got it.

They wanted to make their existing tech work harder, so I sorted it. I didn’t just dismiss it for the sake of it. It cost time and money. And Boden chose it for a reason. So, when they challenged me to put it to better use, and save them money in the process, I took care of it for them.

On this occasion, Boden’s problem was that their existing office sat right in the path of the new HS2 rail line. This meant the company had to move, which caused a major headache in terms of keeping and finding new employees.

After chatting through the challenge with Lalit Mandala, Boden’s Head of Technical Services, the answer was clear – I suggested the business moved onto Office 365.

Their relocation meant they wanted a more flexible way of working. Switching to Office 365 meant they could expand their staff to include people from further afield, who could work remotely yet still stay securely connected to the office. Something the whole company was excited to employ.

Of course, Boden wanted everyone to be 100% sure Office 365 was the right way to go. That’s why I set up a proof of concept showing exactly how it would work.

Switching to Office 365 was just what the company needed. Lalit was delighted: “Glenn and his team were there every step of the way, so the switchover was seamless. We can already see that it’s transformed the way we work, making us more efficient, more connected and more prepared for the future.”

So challenge accepted. Challenge completed. Because as a Digital Advisor, that’s my job. And it’s what any O2 business customer can expect, free of charge, when they have a dedicated Glenn, Jenny, Asim or another Digital Advisor on board.

Go on, challenge us.

By getting to know your business, a dedicated Digital Advisor can help find the right solutions, when you need them. Take a look at how we’ve accepted and overcome other business challenges from Genesis Housing and East Coast Rail.

I’m Amanda, and as a Digital Advisor, I’m always ready to accept a challenge. Just as I did when golfing equipment retailers, American Golf, switched over to Office 365. With all the right people in the right places, we were ready and able to help implement the change – seamlessly – for them.

By co-ordinating our expert implementation teams, we removed any complexity of switching. Our team implement new products for similar businesses all the time, which meant they could get in and get the job done, without staff even noticing they were there.

With the initial migration decision made, we put a clear plan of action together. First, the team paid American Golf a visit to check out their existing IT infrastructure and moving parts. Stuff like how their staff currently shared information, and how they managed joint projects.

Next up, we collated a list of everything that needed to happen – and its importance. Then I chatted with Phil, their Head of IT, about what my team and I would do, and what American Golf could do themselves. After all, part of my job is keeping things as cost-efficient as possible. It’s just one more way of how we do more for you.

When the migration took place, it went without a hitch. Our expertise took away the complexity, and helped the employees get stuff done. In this case, having a direct relationship with Microsoft meant I could talk to the right people about Office 365, at the right time when they needed me to. And as Phil’s Digital Advisor, I’m his one point of contact for everything – Office 365, his mobiles, connectivity and implementation – and I’m accountable for everything we do.

“I was very pleased with the way the switchover went. O2 was involved in the rollout in a way which made people feel like O2 really cared.”

Every O2 business customer has the free support of a dedicated Digital Advisor. So, if you’re looking to make a change, we’re ready to make things easy for you.

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O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

I’m Clive, a Digital Advisor at O2, and I love accepting tech challenges and finding solutions for my clients.

Take Mobile Recording, for example. O2 initially developed the mobile recording service to help the financial services sector stay on the right side of the new MiFID II EU regulations. Basically, it was designed to ensure transparency by recording client voice and text conversations.

Having seen the service in action, it soon became apparent that financial services isn’t the only sector O2’s clever Mobile Recording product can be used for.

Around the same time, I received a request for help from a housing association. Their challenge? Well, working in the care system can be a difficult environment in itself. It’s a job where you have to be accountable for your actions.

In particular, it’s not always easy keeping track of the information that’s been shared and agreed over mobile phones. And, in this association’s case, the products they already had in place were of very little assistance.

Their Head of IT needed a new, cost effective solution to tackle issues that the carers were having when taking mobile phone calls.

As soon as I heard about their challenges, I had the answer. I knew Mobile Recording would be the perfect product to solve their problems and move their business forward.

By recording business mobile calls and texts seamlessly in the background, and storing them in the cloud, they now always have the back-up they need should a questionable situation arise.

The association was delighted with the new service and the way I went the extra mile to get them the best deal.

For me, finding the right solution was all part of my job as their Digital Advisor. It’s how I do more for them, and the other businesses I advise.

If you have a specific business tech challenge, O2 has a Digital Advisor, like me, waiting to accept it and find the right solution for you.

So, go on, challenge us.

O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

I’m Rhys, and I work at O2 as one of their Digital Advisors. As my job title suggests, I’m here to help take care of all things digital. But as the business sector’s so broad, and clients’ needs can be very specific, I also have the expertise of a Digital Solutions Team to call on.

The team provides a fantastic advice resource, at no extra charge. It helps make sure you see the whole picture, and gives you access to the very best and very latest solutions that help make your day-to-day business lives easier.

The Digital Solutions Team are specialists you can call on if you have more specific tech requests, whenever you need to. In a nutshell, they’re product-specific experts who not only know all the things you could ever want to know about dedicated tech – but they also know the things you probably don’t even know you should know, yet!

They can easily be contacted over the phone for a fast response. Or, if you want them to, members of the team can even come to your office and take you through their ‘Future of tech’ presentation, to help you stay at the cutting edge of technology.

The team’s expertise is broken down into key areas, with different specialists who come from a multitude of different backgrounds. These range across everything, from tech computer scientists to mobile specialists, so whatever answers you’re looking for, our Digital Solutions Team are ready to help.

You know they already have the knowledge and know-how. From addressing intellectual property security ahead of data protection regulations, looking into the future of how new tech will affect your communication strategy, or anything else complex, they can find the right answer.

It’s just another way we like to do more for you, and the way we recently helped an education research centre after they implemented Office 365 across their business with O2.

When they got in touch with me, I knew exactly who to call. I got straight on the phone to Martyn Gill, one of the Digital Solutions Team experts. Once I explained their dilemma, it took Martyn just ten minutes to email me with a crystal-clear explanation of how his new OneDrive and Sharepoint services would give him the perfect solution.

I immediately passed this onto my client, who gave us some really nice feedback: “It was possibly the most informative email we’ve received on IT. It was incredibly useful.”

It’s always nice to hear we’re getting things right and helping our clients breakthrough tech barriers to help their businesses grow.

So, if you have a tech challenge that needs expert advice, just give your Digital Advisor a call, and they can put you in touch with our free Digital Solutions Team to find the right solution for you.

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O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

Hi there, my name’s Claire and I’m part of the O2 Digital Advisor team. Thanks for clicking through to see how I’ve been helping a family business in the construction industry lighten up their workload. Plus improve efficiency, both in and out, of the office.

When their IT Manager came to me with their vision of adopting a paperless way of working, I knew I could think outside of traditional solutions. That’s why I suggested they make the move to Box, with O2.

Box is a clever cloud-based sharing platform that lets businesses access and work on all types of files with their colleagues and customers. The best bit - they can all do it from wherever they are - via a simple App on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

As a construction company, the team works across many different files at any one time. They work with lots of estate agents who are out in the field undertaking surveys, taking photos, pricing up jobs, and a whole lot more. And now Box lets them instantly share their files and work on them in the cloud, rather than wasting time going back to the office to upload them, and wasting money and paper printing them out.

My clients also have total peace of mind that Box keeps all their files safe in the cloud, thanks to secure back-up and file-level encryption.

And one of the other great advantages of Box is it comes with an unlimited amount of storage. With everything uploaded, edited, shared on-the-go, and saved in the cloud, there’s no more clogged up inboxes either.

All-in-all, Box has helped the business achieve everything they set out to do. They’ve managed to increase efficiency no end, saving time on face-to-face meetings, and saving money by not printing files out, or needing an internal server to store them on.

So, if you’re looking for ways to improve efficiency. Or you have another challenge you’d like O2 to find a tech solution for. Give your Digital Advisor a call, and let them take care of it so you can get on with business.

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O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

I’m Donny, a Digital Advisor at O2. During my time here, I’ve noticed that many businesses we work with aren’t based solely in the UK anymore. Many of them trade and travel in Europe, and others do business worldwide.

So our big announcement last month that we’ve removed all our roaming charges in Europe, was very welcome news. This means all O2 Business customers on our regular tariffs can use their minutes, texts and data in Europe, exactly as they would in the UK – all for no extra charge. And we’ve gone even further, by adding the Channel Islands, Switzerland and Monaco to our Europe Zone, too. You’ll find more details about it here.

All O2 business customers also already have a travel pass included in their package as standard. Something I was pleased to inform one of my new clients, a tech company, about.

A big part of their business is providing technical customer support out in the field, so the team are constantly travelling the world on short trips. The company’s Rest of the World 24 Hour Pass gives them 200 minutes, 200 texts and up to 500MB in 87 countries outside of Europe in any one 24 hour period.

It also works whether they’re calling the UK from abroad. And it even follows them around if they change countries, so there’s no pass time wasted.

Knowing they have less worries about roaming charges means they can stay in touch with the base in the UK more frequently. It also means they can do real-time diagnosis on instruments via Facetime, and solve issues there and then, from wherever they might be in the world.

This flexibility has worked wonders for the business. Not only in raising their customer service standards even higher, but also in helping them save money and growing their business.

Another package that travelling businesses might be interested in is O2’s Rest of World 30 Day Pass. If you know you’re travelling on business for a longer period of time, it costs just £99 for up to 30 days use.

It goes to show there are many advantages of being an O2 Business customer. So whatever challenges you find yourself up against, give an O2 Digital Advisor a call, and let them advise on the best solution.

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O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

I’m Mike, a Digital Advisor at O2, and part of my role is giving my business customers, and their employees, excellent value for money. That’s why I want to tell you about O2 Open.

In a nutshell, O2 Open gives your employees up to 25% discount on the Airtime Plan of one of O2’s Refresh Phone tariffs, plus one tablet or mobile broadband tariff. So that’s 25% off the cost of their data, texts and minutes.

But that’s not all. O2 Open also gives your employees 20% off accessories, from phone cases and chargers, to headphones and screen protectors.

I’m really pleased to say that the feedback’s been great from my business customers. In fact, it seems O2 Open is a favourite perk among their employees. Everyone has their own phones and phone bills, so to get such a generous discount is really well received.

Another great thing about O2 Open is it’s super easy for your employees to set up. All they need is your Company O2 Open Code and something that uniquely identifies them as your employee – so a work email address, or payslip number, for example.

Once they have these, your employees simply add them into our O2 Open site:

I can even help you run an on-site event to share all the benefits with your employees and they can ask me any questions about it. This is exactly what I did for City and Guilds IT Procurement Officer, Monica Frega, and she and her employees were delighted with the outcome.

“Mike and O2 provided excellent service from beginning to end. They were extremely professional and set up the event quickly and without any assistance. I was particularly impressed with the way they approached all the staff members. The day was a great success and there were a number of employee perks on offer.”

So there you have it; rewards of being an O2 Business customer that you can share with your employees for free. We understand keeping your employees happy can be challenging, so why not give an O2 Digital Advisor a call?

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O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

I’m Laura, a Digital Advisor at O2, and I love doing more for my business customers, especially if it can save them money. That’s why I’m pleased to tell you about O2 Recycle for Business.

The free service is something we offer all our business customers. And the brilliant thing is that it earns you cash for all your old hardware. So if you have any old phones, tablets and laptops lying around the office, they could be saving you money, or making you some, too.

How can we do both? Well, we can add funds to your O2 Hardware Account, for upgrading your devices. You can take them as a bank transfer or a cheque. Or we can even donate the money to a charity of your choice.

We know you don’t want old devices lying around that contain sensitive data which could easily get into the wrong hands.

That’s why our service uses the highest quality Blancco Gold data erasure service, which completely erases devices to ‘box fresh’ condition. Still not sure? Then we’ll provide your business with data wiping certificates as proof. So, when we say it’s gone, you can be sure it has.

Even if the devices have no financial value, our experts will still erase them and dispose of them responsibly for you, all totally free of charge.

Since our award-winning service started back in 2009 we’ve recycled over 2 million devices, and paid £150 million back to our customers for their old hardware. None of the devices we recycle go into landfill, ever. And our programme has saved over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 – that’s like taking 2,000 cars off the road.

But it’s not just our business customers who recognise the worth of the service. O2 has been recognised as the ‘Best Recycling Provider at the Mobile News Awards 2017’, something we’re really proud of.

Sarah Windibank, Property Supervisor at the City of London Police, sees O2 Recycle as a great asset too. She deals with ‘found’ property brought into the police stations, a lot of which are mobile phones.

In the unlucky cases where her colleagues can’t find the owners, Sarah hands them to O2 Recycle. “The best thing about O2 Recycle is they’re so efficient, and communication is fantastic. They’ve always been very positive and given us great response times. And they also make sure the money we raise is distributed throughout the charitable organisations that City of London Police currently fund.”

See also in the video below what McDonald’s have to say about O2 Recycle.

So, whichever way you look at it, sending your old tech to O2 Recycling for Business makes a difference. Why not give an O2 Digital Advisor a call, and let them help you find more great solutions.

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O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

I’m Nicola, a Digital Advisor at O2, and being able to work flexibly is a key part of my job. That’s why I understand how important it must be for your employees to carry on with business when they’re out and about, too.

On the flip side, I also know keeping them and your business secure is a must. So I’m here to tell you how you can have the best of both worlds with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS).

The best thing about EMS is it’s really simple. A single sign-in gives employees instant access to everything. And because EMS lets you virtualise your desktops, they can get straight into the office from wherever they are.

EMS even securely links employees to personal company data, so they can keep control of their devices rather than giving control over to IT.

As I mentioned earlier, giving employees total flexibility is still reliant on your business having ensured security.

The beauty of EMS is that you can centrally manage single sign-on access across your devices, your data centre and the cloud. You can also manage mobile devices and apps centrally across employee and business owned apps, so users can work with company information securely.

EMS also takes things down to a deeper level by making security checks every time protected data is viewed. This makes sure the person viewing it is allowed to do so.

It even provides real-time monitoring for security purposes. Because Microsoft EMS works mostly in the cloud, it logs every access request, every document, every device, every user, ever. These logs are then processed to highlight patterns of suspicious behaviour.

In truth, with all these security measures in place, working in the cloud with EMS could be more secure than your employees working on your server.

Why not give an O2 Digital Advisor a call, and let them help you find the answers your business needs.

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O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.

I’m Sarah, a Digital Advisor at O2, and I’m part of the workforce here that often works remotely on our mobile devices. That’s why as an organisation, O2 relies on our Mobile Device Management service to keep everything secure back at base. And why I’m here to tell you how it can keep your mobile workforce safe out in the field, too.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a service that allows you to centralise control of all the devices being used by your workforce. It also lets you optimise their functionality to make sure everything is secure, everywhere.

No matter where your team work, MDM helps you keep bugs out, control what apps are being held, and monitor data usage. Here’s a brief rundown of how:

  • Control what apps are being held by running over-the-air distribution of apps and updates, and prevent unwanted apps being downloaded
  • Control wifi settings, software updates, and have white and black lists of the apps that can be downloaded
  • Create a secure folder on your mobile devices, where documents can be placed and read only on that specific device.
  • Even better, devices can be completely wiped remotely if they’re lost or stolen
  • Track and monitor data use by each employee
  • Detect and fix mobile malware
  • Use cloud-based software

The benefits of O2’s award-winning MDM service far outweigh the risks of managing without it. With MDM, you can be totally sure where your data is; emails will stay on a mobile device, and if they move you know where they’re going.

With over a hundred thousand devices already under O2’s Mobile Device Management, you know it’s a service your business can trust.

At O2, we have strong, strategic relationships with the biggest Enterprise mobility vendors, but we also offer an end-to-end approach. When you roll out the service, we have a dedicated support team there every step of the way, leaving your IT team free to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

But we don’t want you to take our word for it. We want you to try the service for free, so you can see how easy it is to set up and use across all major mobile platforms.

So why not give an O2 Digital Advisor a call, or call us on 0800 298 8848 to arrange your free trial and find out more. We can’t wait to help you find the security solutions you need.

Go on, challenge us.

O2’s dedicated Digital Advisors are ready to accept your challenge. They’ll find the right solutions, right when you need them.